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YouTube SEO Tips for Increased number of Views

August 20, 2015

Everyone knows that ‘YouTube’ is the second largest search engine in the world now and that’s why many peoples are very interested in YouTube SEO. This search engine is having more than 30 million visitors every day. As it is a video based search engine, all the seo things in it is targeted to make a video rank higher in its search result. Here I am going to tell you how the YouTube SEO works and to do.

  • Video keywords:
    Like any others seo, your target in YouTube SEO is to get your video in Google’s first page. For that you should choose a good and strong video keyword. This is important because without it you will only have the visitors who are searching in youtube only. But when you are having a very related and good video keyword, people will find your video in google’s search result page also. This will bring lots of viewers for you. Normally google is not showing video results for every kind of keywords. They are considering some kinds of keywords like; Reviews, Tutorials, How to…, videos, Fitness and sports related keywords to give a video suggestion in results. So you should choose one of them to get caught in google’s search result.
  • Quality of video:
    For any business you should have a better product. As in youtube, to have better viewer, you should make best videos. Starting from the topic of the video, capturing, editing, presenting should be the best you can. Sometimes you can take help of any professional. Because, quality of your video is a key to bring the viewer back to your next video again. Also without this, anything in YouTube SEO is not goanna work so nicely. Use your experience and expertness all over the video. After that you might have a best video result in hand. Also try to make the duration as much longer you can. As like the writing based articles, longer videos rank much better than the others.
  • Uploading and naming:
    Your video is ready. When you are going to upload it keep the YouTube SEO in your mind. First of all give a name to your video. Put your keyword in the name. Also do the same for the video title too. Make the title at least 5 words and keep the keyword in it. It will help to get your video find more easily. Best is to put the keyword in the start of the title. You should write a description too. Because, youtube and google don’t have time to watch your video. They will read the description to know about what the video is. The best idea is to make the description at least 250 words. Put the keyword in the first 25 words and repeat it at least 4 times in the whole description. This seo optimization helps google and youtube to know your video content and not to be spam. Also there is an option to tag the video. This is not super important, but it helps. Just include some related keywords to let google and youtube know about which things your video is. This tag helps your YouTube SEO to show your video as a related video list in others search result.

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