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What exactly is CTR?

October 18, 2014

What exactly is CTRLearn what CTR is and why it is of vital importance for you as a blogger. Learn which factors determine high CTRs.

What exactly is CTR?

CTR, or Click Through Rate, measures the number of times the advertisements on your blog are clicked. The CTR is calculated as follows: the number of times a click is made on the ad divided by the total impressions (the number of times the ad is viewed).

CTR functions as a measurement of advertising revenue (as advertisers typically pay per click). Enjoying a high CTR can also be used to attract more advertisers. As a result, it is of your interest to improve your CTR rates.

How can I achieve a high click through rate?

In general you can achieve high CTR by increasing the traffic your blog receives. One way to achieve this is to use keywords that are specific. For example, let us suppose you write a blog on cars. Catchwords such as ‘car’ or ‘engine’ are saturated and so competitive that will condemn your articles and your blog to obscurity. You should instead try to particularize the keyword you use, in this instance ‘high speed cars”, “low consumption engine” etc.

Still, nothing is guaranteed

Traffic alone though does not account for high CTRs. You may get lots of visitors, but very few or even no clicks on the ads. That is because many, if not the most, will visit your blog just for informative purposes. There is another aspect of the keyword(s) content that should be examined: commercial intent. These are words that buyers predominantly use when they search the web. We will discuss further in a next post.

To sum up, a keyword with a very low commercial intent and/or undefined content might gather a very low, even negligible CTR percentage. A very low, even negligible CTR means low advertising revenue and low demand for advertising in your blog. In turn, that might affect the viability of your endeavor.

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