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What are disclaimers?

November 6, 2014

What are disclaimers

As you develop your blog you might at some point need to incorporate disclaimers in your posts. You may have encountered the term ‘blog disclaimer’ before, but you probably did not pay further attention. Nevertheless, it is and should be a very important component of certain blog posts.

What is called ‘disclaimer’?

(1) A separate page in a blog, usually titled ‘disclosure policy or ‘blog disclaimer’.

(2) A statement located at the bottom of a post. In this case, it is formatted as follows:

Disclaimer:  [ …]

Why do you need disclaimers?

What will determine if you need to adhere to a disclaimer policy is your blog’s content. If you post an article where you give information that may be regarded as advice, you need to include a disclaimer in order to secure you are not liable for your readers’ reliance on the information you provided.

By use of disclaimers you effectively state that what you upload is not professional advice, your readers are not your clients and in that sense you cannot be held accountable for their actions therein.


So, disclaimers are employed in order to protect you, the blogger, from any legal dispute one of your readers may file against you on the grounds that they assumed your advice was professional. You relinquish liability by clearly stating the content of your posts is for informational or entertainment purposes only.

You should include a ‘disclosure policy’ or ‘blog disclaimer’ page in your blog but you are strongly recommended to use a direct disclaimer on each post, too.

Here are samples of blog disclaimer pages in various blogs: http://sampleblogdisclaimer.blogspot.gr/




Here are samples of direct post disclaimers:

This text does not create a client-attorney relationship and is not intended as legal advice.

‘The content of this article are intended only for informational purposes and do not constitute professional advice.’

‘The information provided in this post is not intended to be, nor can or should ever be a substitute for individualized professional advice.’


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