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Ultimate guide for blog search engines

September 29, 2014

Ultimate guide for blog search enginesOnce you have visited a blog, you have visited the so-called blogosphere. The blogosphere constitutes of the millions of interconnected blogs out there on the World Wide Web. But how can you limit your choices so as to visit blogs of immediate interest? The solution is to use a blog search engine.

What are blog search engines?

Well, as their name suggest, they are search engines, only specialized in conducting searches for blogs that suit your needs.

Popular blog search engines:

  • Google Blog Search ( https://www.google.com/blogsearch?gws_rd=ssl )
  • Simple, easy to use and bearing the legacy of the standard Google search engine, Google Blog Search is, at the end of the day, the choice preferred by most.
  • Technorati ( http://technorati.com/ )
  • Highly sophisticated, a professional tool that will direct you exactly where you want.
  • Blogdigger ( http://www.blogdigger.com/index.html )
  • A trustworthy blog search engine providing the user with the option to search for local blogs.
  • Bloglines ( http://www.bloglines.com/ )
  • A search tool for blogs in the US.
  • LJSeek ( http://www.ljseek.com/ )
  • Conducts searches only among the Live Journal blogging community.
  • Meltwater IceRocket ( http://www.icerocket.com/ )
  • A very useful blog search engine, noted for its sophisticated advanced search.
  • Bloogz ( http://www.bloogz.com/ )
  • Almost a decade ago there existed a fair number of blog search engine, including, but not limited to, Daypop, Sphere, Findory, Blogdex, BlogPulse and Opinmind. Most of them have already closed or been purchased by major firms, indicating the environment is a very competitive one, in a way reassuring you the engines that still survive offer a high quality experience.
  • A convenient tool for quickly locating blogs of interest.

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