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August 7, 2015

Whether you are a Blogger yourself or just want to know what is out there in the world, it is beneficial to have blogs to follow. As a Blogger, you want to know what is popular or what other people are saying about a certain topic. As a Blog follower, you want to be kept up to date with what you are interested in. Here are the top 5 Blogs to follow, for both Bloggers and everyday people.

  1. Buzzfeed is an amazing website for current information. The website offers many different and unique stories, which vary from serious, political, world problems, entertainment, videos and also personal quizzes. Buzzfeed is an overall fantastic blog to follow because of the vast content it provides every day. The best thing about this certain blog is that it is also an app. You can download this app for your phone or tablet and be updated with news multiple times daily.
  2. If you want strictly entertainment news-about celebrities, sports, or TV, TMZ is a good blog to follow. This website contains up to date reports on celebrities and athletes. The website also provides up to date videos about current stories (mainly funny videos or news about celebrities) and photos of celebrities (focused on publishing controversial pictures rather than educating fans about celebrities). TMZ also offers an app to download on your phone or tablet to be updated in the cutting edge of celebrity entertainment.
  3. This blog is a bit different from the ones mentioned before. Perez Hilton is one person; while the other websites offer many different opinions by many different people, this website is solely just one person’s views and opinions. Perez Hilton likes to dish about celebrities, post pictures and funny videos. The only unpleasing fact about its contents is they are all what he wants to post. At the same time, it is also nice to get just one person’s daily view on an interesting story or picture of a celebrity. In addition, he is clever in his posts, which can also be an entertainment benefit.
  4. This blog is pretty special since anyone can upload or create a post on this website. This website mainly consists of hilarious pictures or videos-one can spend endless hours of time on this one website going through endless amounts of content. No real educational post is available in this website but pure comedy ones, which is why this is a good entertaining blog to follow.
  5. TIME is the website based on the popular TIME magazine. The website is based on stories from around the world. Unlike Buzzfeed, which also has stories from all over the world, this website has a more serious tone. Being very educative and entertaining as well, this one is the last in our top five blogs to follow. You can learn about a great deal of information related to health, science, sports, and of course entertainment.

These blogs are a great way to stay updated in the world of entertainment. If you just want to learn something new or become informed as a Blogger these blogs to follow are essential.

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