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Top 5 blog ideas for your business blog

February 26, 2015

Which are these top rated tips?

There are various tips that touch on the best blog ideas for you. They include the following:

  • Choosing a blog host
  • Select engaging topics
  • How much control do you expect?
  • Choose between free hosting an paid hosting
  • Which are the associated ins and outs of your hosting service

If you intend to do a business blog then the above list of blog ideas comes in handy. Let’s cover each aspect in details.

Choosing your blog host

Blog hosting is a technique that accords you a platform to start blogging. Since the inception of blogging as a marketing strategy, many blogging hosts have risen to prominence. Most of these hosting platforms are quite easy to use, especially if one knows close to nothing on blog hosting. It is important to note that hosting is 2-fold. There is free hosting and paid-for blog hosting.

Select very engaging topics

The topic you settle for as a business blogger determines how many readers will go through your content. It ultimately determines traffic to that particular business blog post. Topics on current trends, hobbies normally attract a lot of readers. The rule of thumb in doing appropriate business blogs is to always select a niche that you are most familiar with and which you would love writing about.

How much control do you expect?

If you settle for free hosting then expect a lot of control on your blog. Free hosting is not ideal for business blogs. It has a lot of control over the content and by extension, it keeps the blog strictly personal so that you cannot reach out to many potential clients. Paid hosting is best for your business blog. It allows you to have a unique domain that identifies with your business blog.

Choose between free hosting and paid hosting

Just like afore mentioned, free hosting is not good for your business blog, else you don’t want to grow your business or company. All the same, for the sake of the amateur blogger, remember that free hosting has very limited pre-made templates to help in designing your blog. Paid template on the other hand has numerous pre-made templates. In addition, free hosting has very few plugins. If one is in need of more plugins then they have to purchase at an extra fee. Paid hosting on the other hand comes with many plugins.

Which are some of the free and paid blog hosts?

There are many free and paid hosting service providers. Some of these include:

  • WordPress selva, Posterous and Tumblr (free blog hosts) & GoDaddy, Bluehost and HostGator (paid blog hosts)

Which are the ins and outs of the hosting service?

Upon familiarizing with the various blog ideas on blog hosting, it’s about time to know the various ins and outs of your hosting service provider. This will have an incredible impact on how your business blog operates.

These are some of the best blog ideas that are vital in the development of an engaging business blog.

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