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August 4, 2015

Are you aware of the changing trend and the use of Online Backlink Checker tools, if not then you are at the right place. Earlier backlinks used to be the best and the most important parameter used for high page rank. However, the quality of backlinks matters a lot to the bloggers and they extensively use online backlink checker tools to monitor them. In the present scenario, the popularity of backlinks is reduced as there have been several signals added by Google, to rank a website. Therefore, need of the bloggers have confined to quality backlinks for their websites. Now the inbound links help their websites stand out prominent in the SERPs.

Some really good tools are also available to help in counting the quality backlinks one has created for his website. Considering the response of the users worldwide, I would like to throw some light on these Top 3 Online Backlink Checker tools:

    AHREFS is being used more extensively than any other tool; people are claiming it to be best among the present tools as they are getting the results as per their expectations from it. Some of them are also using a set of comprehensive toolset that uses Ahrefs data in its backlinks quality checker but still provides you with other tools. Only drawback that a user may face is that Ahrefs requires a paid account to explore most of the details.
  2. Backlinks Watch
    Backlinks Watch is another popular Online Backlink Checker tool, which provides the facility to check backlinks of your blog. The only problem that is being experienced by users is the irritation caused by the pop-up ads.
  3. Rank Signals
    Rank Signals is the last but not the least one, it is also widely used for the backlinks management. Some of its features like competitor analysis and finding broken and deleted links are really a treat.



Some of the bloggers still do not think about giving and getting backlinks for their website and they are happy with it, their full concentration is only on promotion of their stuff and building network with others. However, I believe that it is important for all the bloggers to regularly check their backlink that whether they are do follow links or no follow links. This will definitely help in improving their page rank in Google and more importantly will help in growing their business too. This can be done by opting for a very simple method, use of any Online Backlink Checker tool. However, the backlinks you should have on your website should not be based on the quantity but more importantly on their quality.

The above mentioned Top 3 Online Backlink Checker tools provide a path to discover, view and rank links and help you to grow your business with their SEO, content and Inbound Marketing tools. However, if you still need more powerful sorting and filtering then you can export them to an excel sheet and make further changes as per the need.

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