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Tips on choosing your blog

February 17, 2015

The choice of an appropriate blog is very important in determining the success in the industry. Due to the general influx of bloggers in the online platform success in the industry is defined by quality content. The modern readers settle for nothing less that top notch quality. That is to say that the be-all and end-all for any blogger is paying attention to details.

So, how do you choose your blog?

There are various considerations to make before venturing into serious blogging as a career or just a part time income source. Some of these include:

  • Choosing a blog host
  • Choose your domain
  • How do you understand free hosting and paid hosting

Choosing a blog host

To start blogging you will need a website that will act as your platform. This website is actually your blog host. There are 2 types of blog hosting services.

  • Free hosting
  • Paid hosting

Knowledge of which is best for your blogging needs is very critical. The free hosting platform and the paid hosting are very different and distinct. Just a sneak peek on the two. The free hosting is best for personal blogs while the paid hosting is best for business blogs as well as personal blogs.

Some of the free hosts include:

  1. WordPress selva
  2. Posterous
  • Tumblr

Some of the leading paid hosts include:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. BlueHost
  • Hostmonster

Upon deciding what type of blog posts to do; either business blogs or personal blogs, choose between free hosting and paid hosting.

Choose a domain for your blog

Depending on the type of hosting platform you choose for your blog, you can have a domain or a subdomain. For the free domain you can only have a subdomain because the free host provider has to really control various aspects of your blog. If you settle for the paid hosting platform them you can have your own domain at some small fee.

Having your own domain is very beneficial because you will be able to control all the details of your blog. Subdomains implies you will have to accept a lot of control from the free host service provider.

How do you understand free hosting and paid hosting?

If you are a little bit indifferent between free hosting and paid hosting, the following will help you make a choice. Free hosting has very few pre-made templates and plugins. This is to say that if you need to design the look of your blog then you will have to purchase more of these.

Unlike free hosting, paid hosting is fully furnished with all that you might require in redesigning the look of your blog from bottom up. So, depending on your financial capacity and blogging needs, you can opt for one hosting method over another.

Choosing your blog is made simpler with these tips. Now you can commence your dream career as a reputable blogger.

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