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The most common blogging challenges

February 11, 2015

Blogging is one area that has pick up very well in the recent past. In terms of information circulation, bloggers are top of the list. Most bloggers spend lot of time updating their content every passing second, just to retain relevance to the current trends. These blogging milestones notwithstanding, this whole arena is full of problems. Blogging challenges are real. Successful bloggers have mastered their way around most of these obstacles, in some way.

Which are some of the blogging challenges?

In this content we will major on the various challenges facing bloggers world over. Some are individualistic while most of them are general. Some of the most common blogging challenges include the following:

  • Stiff competition from other bloggers
  • Search for traffic, views and comments from viewers
  • Monetary returns
  • Time factor
  • Search for appealing topics

Competition from other bloggers

This can pose the largest threat to an individual blogging career. The online platform is spilling over with content writers, bloggers included. This is to say that one has to ensure they have the very best and informative content, if they are to get viewers glued to their posts. Search engine rankings continues to fuel the levels of competition in the blogging.

To overcome this challenge, passion and in depth research are fundamental. No shortcuts!

Search for traffic, views and comments

Every blogger loves it when their posts attracts a lot of views. Traffic is what keeps more readers coming back again and again to your post. Of course you would love to know what your viewers think concerning the content you posted. This is where comments come in. These 3 are among the very common blogging challenges every blogger worries about.

Having relevant updated and optimized content will doubtlessly attract more viewers, comments and of course, traffic.

Monetary returns

If you are in the blogging industry then you are either doing it for money or will think of that latter. This is one big challenge especially with the new bloggers who want ready income returns. The rule of thumb in the industry is that you should consider doing blogs for income only after a period of 6 months into the industry. Platforms like AdSense will help you do your blogs for money but, only after you demonstrate high level skill, knowledge and experience in the industry.

Time factor

Whether you do blogging as a hobby and passion or as a source of livelihood, time is one factor that worries all bloggers. Dedicating adequate time to blogging is quite a challenge to many given the fact that most bloggers do it as a part time career. As one of the nagging blogging challenges in the industry, the only sure remedy is commitment, else you want to compromise on your google rankings due to double standards.

Search for appealing topics

Now that you know your target clients, you cannot doubt the fact that they are tech savvy. They won’t settle for boredom if there are other juicy topics. They will simply ignore your blog posts if you appear bent of propagating online boredom. Find in catchy topics is what will keep your posts alive and relevant. This is equally a major challenge to many bloggers. To rid yourself of this problem research is the way to go. Take time to choose your words carefully.

Having practical strategies is the best way to combat blogging challenges. If you are already in the industry or are planning to venture therein, be on the look-out for these challenges, lest they derail your progress.

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