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Simple ways to make your personal blog letters

February 5, 2015

Creation of personal blogs is simpler than you earlier imagined. A lot has been said about the role and position of blogs in the success of any business. Finding simple step by step procedure for creation of blogs is not easy to come by, not even google searches have it. Most of the content that appear to have details on creation of blogs are all too complicated, especially for fresh entrants. In this article however, we have captured all the pertinent tips and steps that will guide you in creating personal blogs.

Steps on creating a personal blog

Which are some of the ingredients of creation of a personal blog. Here are some tips just for you:

  • Choose your topic cautiously
  • Select your platform of choice; self-hosted or free blogging platform
  • Choose on your domain and hosting

These are all that you need for your first personal blog. Unlike what you might have over heard from some IT talks, not any element of coding is required in the creation of blogs. Not at the level of personal blogs!

Choosing of topic

The beauty with blogging is that you choose to write on a topic you are most passion ate about. This is to say that passion and interest should guide you in choosing the best topic. In addition, the topic should be very informative and engaging to your target clients. If you are new to the industry and have no idea what might appeal to readers, try writing about your daily activities and hobbies.

Choosing your platform

In blogging the platforms could be free or self-hosted, the choice is yours. Choosing a free platform is not free of costs as it may appear to suggest. There are many other attaching costs that come with it. In short, we are advocating for a self-hosted platform.

Why free platform is not good for you

  1. With the free platform you will not be able to have your own domain. Sub-domains are what you will be entitles to instead. What do you make of that? You will have no absolute control over your blog.
  2. The free platform lacks theme variety. This is a ticket to boring blogs. Any theme that you will require will have to be purchased.

For a self-hosted platform, some small fee of about $50 annually is charged. This is worth it because it guarantees you no commitment at all. Plus you can have you money back if you don’t feel like blogging anymore.

Choosing on domain and hosting

When you finally settle for the self-hosted platform choosing your own domain name is imperative. Getting an appropriate domain name might take some time, but if you finally come by it, it will be worth the wait. Ensure your domain name is brandy and easy to recall.

The above are some of the tips and steps on how to create a simple personal blog. With this information and knowledge, you can get started now!!

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