Should your blog have a homepage?
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Should your blog have a homepage?

November 30, 2014

Most of you would definitely set up a homepage for their blog.

But some blogging experts argue that we should rethink the role of the blog homepage and deviate from the conventional approach – that which stipulates a homepage’s main function is to attract blog viShould your blog have a homepage?sitors by providing them with the latest posts.

What is their point?

More emphasis on the homepage as a money generator rather than an eye- catcher.  The rationale is that once a visitor has entered your blog, you have already got their attention; it is time now to cash in.

What does this mean?

Thus, the blog homepage should more focused and goal-oriented. It must call blog visitors to action by sharing, commenting, clicking on advertisements or purchasing (if you do not rely on ad revenue alone). To serve that purpose the homepage’s design should be properly configured:

  • Simplicity: with clear structure and providing all the necessary information, not more than 2 theme colours.
  • Highlights: the visitor must have easy access to purchase/registration. Place the purchase/registration button or image (preferred to just a link) accordingly.
  • Calls to action: ‘REGISTER BOW’ or ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘COMMENT’ will tempt the visitor not to leave the blog without clicking on them first.
  • Quick charging time: you do not want to waste your visitors’ time – reactions vary.
  • Security: one of the reasons internet users hesitate to proceed to a registration or complete a purchase is that there are concerned about their personal detail’s safety. Commit yourself to securing their intimate information and reassure them in a small text.

You may not quite agree with this approach and stick to the conventional blog homepage. Nobody said that’s wrong. But take some time to consider what we discussed and you may find some of the alterations are worth giving a try.

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