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SEO Writing | How to Do it

September 26, 2015

SEO writing is Search Engine Optimization writing. SEO is a search engine optimization who has the ability of making web pages more attractive to the search engines. That means the more SEO friendly is a web page, the more listed it will be in search results. I, like most people do, when I need to find some particular content on the internet, I use search engines. And I only open the first pages, because I trust them to be exactly what I`m looking for, knowing the fact that SEO has done its part. So, basically SEO writing helps websites to get high traffic from a search engine.

What are the basics of SEO Writing?

So, you have a site and you want it as a first choice for search engines. This is basically when you start taking into consideration SEO Writing. In short, all you have to do is to find “the right” phrase or words for the content of your site. This phrases and words are called keywords. In order to easily find them, you have to go to Google`s Keyword Tool and see how easily it is to play with. The free version only list 100 days, but is worth paying for. It has a reasonable fee and also lists alternative keyword suggestions. If you are a beginner the best way to use it, is if you go with a specific phrase in your mind and pop that into the Keyword Tool.

You have to pay attention to two aspects:

  1. How acerb the competition is for a certain phrase.
  2. How many searches are out there for that particular phrase in a month?Once established the phrase that you need, go back to your site and use it into certain areas, like:
  • Titles and headlines
  • Subtitles
  • Metatitles (if you have metadata)
  • Links to external pages that are relevant to the phrase
  • Within the actual content

SEO Writing – Frequency of Keywords

The excessive uses for a phrase it is called “keyword stuffing.” Try to keep it real. Don`t push the keyword phrases too much, as there is no such thing as a perfect percentage. Of course, the client may have a percentage in his mind, most of them want from 3% to 7% of the content, which is good. You can use online programs that help you to analyze what exactly your number is.

The Human Side of SEO Writing

Do I have to mention that the SEO writing has to be for the humans? This means that you have to provide a SEO content with a true human message in it. SEO writing purpose is to make people to refer, link to and talk about your site.

Your site also matter

Of course SEO writing matters, but so is “the authority” of your site. How other people interact with your site, or refer to it, matters to the search results, since they`re kinda tied up. You will be displayed on a search engine, only if your voice has the ability to create an impact. You can also have lower results if your site is a new one, if you are using too many keywords, or if the content can`t be read as human.

Becoming an SEO Writer

You want to become an SEO writing expert? Then, go online and read all you can find about SEO. Take writing class on the subject, available now on many websites.

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