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September 21, 2015

Blogs are not new to this generation where internet has been a part of most people’s daily routine. Majority of the public have blogs, and I am pretty sure that every time you hit the search tab on your Google search, there would at least be one blog site suggested by Google that might be relevant to what you are searching. I also know that sometimes you will feel disappointed to see that it is just some opinion a person posted about the topic you were looking for and then you will just disregard it since it is not what you are looking for. Those things are called personal blogs.

Personal blogs are like online journals of people who resort in posting their points of view about things they find important to themselves and they are dying to share to the mass. Personal blogs are the most common blogs people usually see in the internet. These blogs may be about what their friends have read lately, or it could also be some opinion about a movie or something they find interesting and they feel like letting others know about.

Personal blogs became a boom to the public when Tumblr appeared in the scene. Being the curious beings that people are, trying out new and trendy things online, the mass easily accepted Tumblr as part of their online world where they express themselves freely. However, years later, Tumblr’s purpose of being the “personal blog centre” of the world has slowly been fulfilled by new-born sites with extra features that Tumblr was not able to offer.

With the fast emerging sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the use of personal blog sites where people express themselves through blogs have seemed to be forgotten. However, there are still people who post their personal blogs in blogging websites such as Blogger and WordPress, many of which are points of view regarding events that seem relevant to issues the public is facing.

Personal blogs may have been unpopular to the youngsters of today, but these personal blogs are not far from what you do with your Facebook status and your “tweets”. It’s not yet too late to try though.

Personal blogs are not obsolete; they are just not too popular because today’s generation have focused their attention to new media and the innovations and possibilities it offers to people. Aside from the fact that you can have an online diary, having a personal blog can actually be more advantageous in various ways specifically such as the following:

    • It leads to better job opportunities. Employers, specifically those who own popular brands use blogging sites to find bloggers who have positive online reputation, which benefits their sales greatly. Through blogs, they are able to find prospects that can fill in the positions where they need good employees.
    • Blogs can lead to starting a business and could also increase business clients to those existing online businesses.
    • Your dreams of becoming a published author can be granted through blogging. Publishers would actually prefer publishing reading materials from someone who has already built a good reputation and a huge number of readerships to ensure sales, which can easily be classified through blogs.
    • You can establish your expertise as a writer in a specific field. As you write more and more posts about specific fields, you will be able to familiarize yourself and later on become an expert in the focus of your posts. This would earn you credibility and trust throughout the virtual world.
    •             Personal Blogs are not just ways of letting off steam or sharing your ideals, it can actually lead you to new things you never thought would cross your way, or could even give you better options in life than you ever thought you would ever have.

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