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Organizing your time as a blogger Part 2

October 14, 2014

Organizing your time as a blogger Part 2Learn a few tips on how to deal with your the time consuming blog

Organizing your time as a blogger Part 2

So, now that you are convinced you have to spend much time online in order to render your blog successful, let’s go through some tips that may prove helpful:

Find a certain hour during the day when you will sit at your computer and prepare the posts. This will enhance your productivity and efficiently incorporate blogging time in your busy daily routine because preparation includes: coming up with the post’s topic, pooling information, typing, deciding on an effective title, finding keywords and proofreading – so it takes a fair amount of time.  .

Create a publishing schedule. Upload posts at least a few days (of course depending on the amount of traffic you receive – popular blogs demand more regular posting in order to remain popular). Pay attention though: do not sacrifice quality over quantity.

Successful blogs are capable of generating conversation. Feel free to occasionally respond to comments – it conveys a sense of intimacy between you and your followers – and give them the opportunity to make suggestions on future posts. This is very effective in creating a healthy and sustainable blogging environment, but comes at a cost: you should check your blog every now and then during the day.

A good alternative to spending time on your computer when at home is to access your blog through your mobile device, whenever you want, wherever from. Just go online, check the comments, maybe respond, then keep on with what you had been doing.

To conclude, there is another important factor you should take into consideration: spending enough time away from your computer, away from your blog. Real life offers indispensable experiences that can fuel your posts with the most genuine and interesting stories. What is better than that?

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