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Obstacles that amateur bloggers face

February 2, 2015

There is an incredible influx of blogger in the online platform today. The various attaching benefits that come with blogging, both to the individual blogger and the company. The rising influx in number of “would be” bloggers is attributed to the attaching rewards. In an attempt to have a piece of the cake amateur bloggers are caught up in this race with maven bloggers.

Which are some challenges faced by amateur bloggers?

For newbies who are committed to blogging challenges are numerous. This is no surprise given the fact that they are new in the game. Some of the challenges include:

  • In ability to have appropriate blog topics
  • Inadequate knowledge of the best blog hosting platform
  • Lack of knowledge on where to find domain names and hosting services

To an amateur blogger, these are very common challenges. These should not make you let go of your ambitions and dreams in blogging. Of course, over time you will get over them and join the league of expert bloggers.

Inability to have appropriate topics

In blogging the topic one writes matters a lot. It is what will attract traffic to a particular blog post. This is known to the amateurs and mavens alike. Unfortunately, selection of the right topic is quite a problem to the new bloggers. To overcome this problem doing content related to your hobby, what’s trending and other aspects that appeal to people, like sports is the way to go.

Inadequate knowledge pertaining to the different blog hosting platforms

There are basically 2 types of blog hosting services. They are:

  1. Free hosting platform
  2. Paid hosting platform

To the amateur blogger, these are one and the same. Contrary to that, the 2 are very distinct and different. Free hosting comes with a lot of attaching expenses relating to purchase of extra plugins and pre-made templates. However, if you are intending to venture into personal blog posts then the free hosting platform is recommended. For business blogs however, the paid hosting is best. The paid platform comes with numerous rewards though, at a small fee. Remember there is money back guarantee for in the event you choose to quit the platform.

Knowledge of where to find the best domain names

This is another daunting challenge to amateur bloggers. Knowledge of where to find the best domain names is vital in having the best business or personal blogs. There are various providers of blog domain services. Some of the providers include:

  • The Hostgator
  • Dreamhost
  • The Bluehost
  • The Web Hosting Hub

These are some of the best service providers in in the industry, very ideal for amateur bloggers.

These are some of the most common challenges facing amateur bloggers. Luckily, in this content we have even detailed solutions to the challenges. With the information herein, you can now confidently build on your blogging career without much struggle. Remember, like in all professions, being a maven blogger takes some time and everyone began at the amateur blogger level. Just keep pressing on! You will soon be an expert.

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