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Long tail keywords, how to find long tail keywords

September 17, 2015

Long tail keywords are phrases composed by three or four phrases, which define in the best manner whatever you are offering or selling on your website. Long tail keywords are longer and more specific than other keywords. Because of that, they are able to get a better rank on the search engine tools, in a much better way than the generic single keyword or double keyword phrase. The fact they are more specific makes them perfect when the goal is focusing on a niche.

Trying to make your website rank for long tail keywords, can turn to be very profitable. Using long tail keywords is one major SEO strategy. People using specific terms on the search engines will find relatively easier your website, and although they might be relatively small in volume, chances are they will become your regular visitors. Or better, they will buy your products. People who search the web by using long tail keywords, know exactly what they`re after. So, they are far more likely to become buyers.

For a better understanding of the “making an online purchase”, take a look at the online steps of a consumer:

  1. Costumer becomes aware of a product
  2. He seeks information about that particular product
  3. He evaluates specifics, like features, pricing, basically any alternative to product
  4. He makes their purchase decision
  5. Make their purchase
  6. Evaluate the productOnce a customer makes the decision to buy something, he will use very specific search phrases. So you have all the reasons in the world to get long tail keywords for the content of your website, in order to describe your products in the most possible specific manner.

How to find long tail keywords

But how to find long tail keywords?

Keep in mind that sometimes the best keyword for your website can be the one that you`re already ranking for. With that in mind, do your best to enjoy the benefits of long tail keywords. And if you`re wondering how to find long tail keywords for your website, let us introduce you to a series of awesome tools and software`s for any niche.

  • Google Auto Complete ToolIt is free and it will easily provide you long tail keywords in any niche. All you have to do is typing your first key word and then select the options from auto-suggestion. Keep in mind that it will provide the same results for the competitors in your niche. You can find an online guide for this tool, which will explain the whole process of using it.
  • Google Auto-suggestThis tool is a better version of Google Auto Complete Tool. It is also free and lets you download the keywords in .csv format. If you`re using Google search, from these two, definitely pick this one.
  • HitTailIt is a paid tool, but sky is the limit. We recommend you to use HitTail especially if you`re running a business blog, or a professional one, or even an E-commerce website. Definitely will help you get more traffic
  • WordTracker Keyword toolThis is one popular SEO Keyword tool. It comes along with details about your competition, Searches, IAAT, which is keyword in anchor and text, and KEI, which is keyword effectiveness index. You have a 7 days free trial.
  • UberSuggestIt is the best tool for generating ideas for long tail keywords, just in case you lack intuition. It will not provide other information about keyword competition or search volume
  • Long tail proThis is a paid tool and a desktop based solution. You have a 10 days free trial. It can be very reliable, offering many features, along with profitable long tail keywords

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