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Interesting Firefox Add-Ons for Bloggers

August 1, 2015

Mozilla Firefox is an interesting web browser that allows their users to attach Firefox add-ons to the users’ navigation bar. Firefox currently has thousands of different add-ons and extensions people can choose from-varying from information about news, weather, to also having a convenient link your Facebook and Gmail. Anything can become customized on your navigation bar using add-ons. Having utilizing Firefox add-ons on ones navigation bar can be very useful for Bloggers.


Here are a few interesting Firefox add-ons for current Bloggers or for fresh Bloggers.


  • StumbleUpon-


StumbleUpon currently has 144,518 users (this writer being one of them). StumbleUpon is one of the very interesting Firefox add-ons to exist. Bloggers are able to choose what they are interested in or want to Blog about in an easy way using StumbleUpon. Once StumbleUpon is uploaded onto your Firefox navigation bar a Blogger will be able to stumble across the Internet’s many websites that are related to the Blogger’s interests. Therefore, the Blogger will be able to easily access different websites about a specific interest that they would have never known about without using this add-on. Learning about a topic or interest is infinite when using this Firefox add-on.


  • Evernote Clearly-


Currently this is a featured Firefox add-on specifically for Bloggers. This add-on has a 4 star rating and 135,940 users. According to Firefox this add-on will make Blogs clearer and easier to read. The add-on also will also be able to sync Blogs from your computer, phone or tablet. Therefore, if you use those devices to create your Blogs you can easily have them all uploaded to one place. This add-on even has a highlighting feature, so one is able to highlight certain details with which you want to remember. The great aspect to this Firefox add-on is the organizing feature. If you are a Blogger that has a hard time organizing your Blogs, you can tag them with key words, so you will be able to get them with no hurdles.


  • Lazarus:


Form Recovery- This Firefox add-on has a solid 4 star rating and 55,900 users. Yes, the users for this add-on are a bit low compared to the other add-ons listed but this add-on has many positive reviews. This add-on is perfect for anyone, not just Bloggers that write tremendously. If an accident occurs and you loose all of your writing-for example, your laptop battery dies or a power outage suddenly happens-this Firefox add-on will be able to recover your work. Bloggers are just normal people and unfortunately, accidents do happen, this add-on would be perfect in a bad situation. In addition, a Blogger would never have a freak out moment after they finally (after hours and hours of hard work) completed their work.


The listed Firefox add-ons should optimize your Blogging needs. If you are a veteran Blogger or a newbie Blogger these add-ons should be able to improve your Blogs.

These Firefox add-ons cover how to find information for your Blogs, how to edit and organize your Blogs, and finally being able to not accidentally loose your completed Blogs.

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