How to use emails to generate traffic
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How to use emails to generate traffic

December 6, 2014

Let us see how you can increase inbound traffic to your blog by utilizing one of the fundamentals of online socializing: emails.How to use emails to generate traffic

First of all, you need a newsletter. You can provide them with a newsletter option in the banner or footer area of your webpage, but there is a more effective way to get email subscriptions.

Design a pop-up that will persuade your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Keep a friendly tone and do not overdo it – pop-ups may be annoying for some and discourage them from visiting your blog again.

In order to effectively persuade your blog’s visitors, entice them with ‘exclusive’ or ‘free’ (in case unlimited access to your posts is not) content.

Once you get an email subscription though, you must be able to keep it from being ignored.

Personalize your emails by addressing subscribers by their names (if they have provided them) and do not forget that the email’s subject line is akin to a post’s title: it must be eye-catching.

You should also include visualizations in your newsletter. Everyone like visual stimuli!

Then, you can use your email to invite readers to get in contact with you. Include your address in the bottom of your posts for anyone who wants a more personalized interaction. Be aware though that this is more effective early on when you do not have that many visitors. Once your inbound traffic reaches new highs, you will find it difficult to respond to all the emails you get.

Last but not least, provide your readers with an RSS feed. Make an RSS subscription button, a highly visible one, and place it in a prominent location on your blog’s homepage. Now everyone that wants to keep in touch with your blog can easily do so.

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