How to successfully arrange advertisements in your blog
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How to successfully arrange advertisements in your blog

October 11, 2014

How to successfully arrange advertisements in your blogFind out how to optimize the layout for your advertisements and secure higher revenues.

How to successfully arrange advertisements in your blog

Here we will present you with a few tips regarding how to organize advertising in your blog.

A necessary prerequisite for successful advertising is a high CTR (Click Through Rate). But in order to achieve it, you must properly model your blog and posts into an efficient advertising machine.

Relevance to the blog’s content

First of all, you must pay attention to the content of the ad banners and calls to action you include in your blog. People visit your website seeking information on specific topics. So in order to attract more clicks on your advertisements you should make sure they are somewhat relevant to the topics of your posts. That way, a web surfer who accesses your blog in order to get some information will find it enticing to click on an ad that shares a similar content. Moreover, focus on one topic per post and generally narrow your niche – it is best to address a specific audience than try to impress everybody.

Arranging your advertisements

Now that you have secured relevance in content, you should concentrate on where to place your advertisements. You should place the ad near the text – somewhere in the middle might be the best option, since the reader has already gone through some of the text and is still interested for more or has located (by means of a subtitle) the particular excerpt he wants to read, and also given that fact there is a good chance he does not keep on till the end. Respectively, ads positioned in the center of your blog page attract most of the traffic.How to successfully arrange advertisements in your blog

A couple of useful links

Google’s AdSense ( ) is a helpful tool to aid you in determining the proper location of successful advertisements. If you are unfamiliar with the ways you can add advertisements to your blog, check and you will definitely find what suits you best.

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