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How to protect your blog images

November 6, 2014

How to protect your blog imagesIn the first place, why should you ever consider that?

Well, plagiarism is rife on the Internet and you might find yourself in the awkward position of being a victim of intellectual property theft. There are of course people who just do not care about content ownership, but the most of who commit plagiarism are just ignorant.

As such, you must be vigilant in order to avoid becoming the perpetrator or the victim! There are two effective measures you can take up to lessen the risk of this occurring in your blog.

  • Use watermarks: watermarks are patterns that span the entire image (the splashes may include your blog’s name; however some prefer to limit the watermark signs to the image’s corners so as to not degrade its aesthetic value. Watermarks are a good first step in the struggle to protect your intellectual property – but not the most effective one. By using watermarks you assert you own the blog images (it is even better if you include a written statement, too) plus you discourage them from downloading an image that is not clear or links back to the original owner; that alone does not prevent one from using them without permission. Watermarks are a sufficient measure against the ignorant but not against the cunning.
    Check this tool:


  • Conditional Use: another way to protect your blog images from intended theft is to cede some of your rights by agreeing for anyone to use them under certain conditions. These conditions may include a small (a reasonably affordable by the average internet user) license fee or just attribution of the images to the original owner. It would be of your best interest to also ask for anyone who uses your blog images to link back to your blog!

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