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How to enhance your blog titles

January 15, 2015

Having details of some actionable tips on the whole craft of blogging is at the very heart of successful blogging. Some of the critical factors that will guarantee you quality blog titles are as follows:

  • Write about hobbies
  • Do blogs on current trends
  • Choose to write on what interest you most
  • Do extensive research
  • Spice it up with search engine optimization

These are some of the amazing tips that can assist you in coming up with a very captivating blog title. To fully understand these tips, let’s begin by analyzing each at a time.

Write about hobbies

The choice of topic in blogging defines the number of views you are likely to have. Essentially speaking, how to enhance your blog title depends a lot on the particular topic that you choose. For beginners, writing blog content related to one hobbies is can serve the purpose. It gives you the platform to do your content in a creatively appealing manner. This is one very effective way of ensuring your blog title is very attractive.

Doing blog content relating to current trends

New trends is loved by many readers. Readers would love to know the latest in the world of fashion, sports, politics, technology and the likes. This is to say that if you choose on topics related to current trends, your blog post is more likely to receive more readers as compared to blogging on very old content that are not trendy.

Writing on your areas of interest

This might appear a repetition of the point on hobbies yet, it is quite different. Writing on what interests you as a blogger touches partly on hobbies. To a great extent, it touches on writing on well researched content that appeals most to you. The beauty with doing research on content that appeals to you that it opens up gates for creativity thereby coming up with catchy topics.

Use some concept of search engine optimization

Writing engaging blog titles depends greatly on the blogger’s choice of words. This is what make the biggest difference between best ranking blog post and ordinary blog post. This is to say that the topic that you write about must be optimized in accordance with the set search engine optimization standards.

The last tip that does wonders in enhancing blogs is enriching the main title with many subtitles. It ignites that urge to read through the entire post.

Why enhancing the title of your blog might be quite cumbersome

To many bloggers, choosing the title consumes most of the time and energy. Some of the reasons some blog titles are not well enhanced or not enhanced at all are as follows:

  • Inadequate preparation and lack of commitment and dedication to blogging thereby leading to selection of titles haphazardly.
  • Bending of the basic rules governing the whole art of blogging. This is causing more harm than good to the industry. Unfortunately, this is affecting most of the new bloggers who ignore the set rules purposely.

If the newbies can spend a little time to check through the set rules, regulations and standards of blogging, then enhancing blog titles can never be an issue.

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