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How to do marketing and advertising with your popular blog

January 27, 2015

Blog marketing and advertising best practices are beneficial in helping you earn money from your popular blog. Knowledge of the various tips on how to do marketing and advertising using your blog is very vital. In this article, we have detailed various aspects that will assist you in making your blog a marketing platform.

Blog marketing and advertising tips

  • Why are doing the blog post

Different content writers and blog writers have varied reasons for creating their content. For those doing it for sales, consider venturing in blog marketing and advertising. To succeed in this, it is imperative that you create blog posts that are appealing to your target clients.

  • Have a blog post marketing and advertising mission statement

Popular blogs are operated by very successful bloggers. Such blog posts have well thought out mission statements that provide for audience, the particular niche and the goals. A mission statement spells out what is expected of a particular blog. This helps keep serious bloggers in the right course, in line with the expectations of their clients.

  • Build your audience by leveraging on influencers

There are various influencers available in the market today. When it comes to using your popular blog post in marketing, you cannot underestimate the power of influence in blog writing. This will help you have many viewers and potential buyers of the products and services you market. By making use of content marketing institutes you are certain to build your audience in blog marketing and advertising.

These are some of the tips on how to use your blog post for marketing and advertising. There are many other relevant tips on the best online marketing and advertising practices, though we have not captured those ones in this article.

There are different types of ads that one can use on popular blogs as a way of marketing and advertising. Some of the types available include:

  1. Display ads
  2. Private ads
  • Giveaways and reviews

Display ads

These are basically images and graphics that are quite similar to billboards or magazine ads. The display ads act as complements to your blog posts thus making them very appealing to the visitors.

Private ads

These are also very conspicuous in popular blog posts. Just like in the case with the display ads, the private ads also come in the form of buttons or graphics that usually appear in the sidebar of blogs. As methods of marketing and advertising, the private ads are overlook the role of an ad network in the negotiation of partnership.

Giveaways and reviews

Giveaways are basically used by bloggers to extend their reach to a wider client base. Reviews largely entails companies having their products or services elaborated to the target clients through the help of a popular blog post.

Blogging has improved online marketing and advertising greatly. This is attributed to the influx of online bloggers and the improved information technology as a platform.

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