How to deal with negative feedback
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How to deal with negative feedback

November 26, 2014

How to deal with negative feedbackSo, you have received negative feedback, either in one of your posts’ comment section either on another site which evaluated your blog. Ho you manage and respond to this kind of negative feedback?

We must distinguish between two kinds of negative feedback, each of which must be dealt with accordingly:

  • Well-intended (and possibly valid): constructive criticism is a characteristic example of this kind of feedback, along with justified anger (without of course crossing the line) or reports of support problems.

First of all, do not delete this kind of comments. Respect your readers’ right to speak and criticize your work. Respectfully respond by leaving your own comment and ask for further clarification or come up with a counter-argument. Try to ignite discussion; not only will your other readers hear both sides and tempted to participate, but your blog will become a hot spot for rigorous conversation and your posts will teeming with comments!

It is also recommended to start your respond with an apology.

In this case what you have to do is

  • Unjustified: there are some people, labeled ‘trolls’ by the internet community, who take pleasure in offending or insulting not only you but everyone who reads your blog without a proper reason. They may be the cause of bad publicity and other various other problem. They should be thus marginalized and prevented from keeping on their tirades.

In this case, the best thing to do is to just ignore the comment. You may include in the comment section of your posts a plea for anyone commenting to respect common sense and his fellow readers. This of course is overlooked by many, so at first ignore the comment – you will prompt your readers to do the same – but if the offender does not seem to back off, you do have every right to delete the comment. Do not forget however to include a brief explanation of why you did it for the rest of the readers to see.

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