How to choose the right blog creation website
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How to choose the right blog creation website

September 29, 2014

How to choose the right blog creation websiteAfter having decided you want to start a blog, chosen a concept, identified your niche and found a name for your blog comes the probably never-before-thought-of question of what software to use in order to set up your blog.

It is known far and wide that the most popular blog creation sites are Blogger and WordPress. But in such a profitable and expanding industry as the blogosphere other suppliers have entered the market with grim determination, ready to claim their share.


A subsidiary of web empress Google, it shares the core value of the mother company: ease of use. You will be able to set up your blog in no time and then have all the Google’s management tools at your disposal. A new domain name costs US$ 10 per year, but you can opt for a free BlogSpot domain ( If you already own a domain name you can use it for free.


You will arguably need more time to complete the blog setup via WordPress. It is also more expensive: US $18 per year for a new custom domain name and US $13 for an already owned one to be mapped to WordPress. Still, you can obtain a free domain ( However, these prices are low compared to the site’s quality services: WordPress provides a wide range of tools much more sophisticated than the one Blogger offers. is a website builder which focuses on user customization. Domain names can be obtained at no cost. Further upgrades come at a price.

A user friendly interface and easy blog setup is what is known for, although you should bear in mind that it is less sophisticated than the rest.

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