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How to choose the perfect title

September 29, 2014

How to choose the perfect titleWhen it comes to blog posts, what is the foremost essential element you have to pay attention to? The answer is definite: the title. Without an attractive headline, no one will proceed on to the meta description, no one will click on the link to the full article, no one will visit your blog.

Titles are critical to a post’s success. Your posts’ success is crucial in the overall success of your blog. Here are a few tips in order to craft the perfect title:

  • Before you move on with the rest of the tips, read this twice: ALWAYS be specific:

Aim to meticulously inform the searcher on the contents of your post. That way, given that it’s what he seeks for – but sometimes even if it’s not – he will go on and click on the link. However, should he remain with a vague notion of the post’s topic after reading the title, he will not proceed further.

  • Think of something eye-catching:

A striking, witty phrase is the best way to make an impression and call for the web searcher’s attention.

  • Use verbs:

Action-oriented language makes searchers crave for more information. Do not saturate their hunger with a mere set of nouns and adjectives. Excite them. Convince them they need more.

  • Use adjectives

Attractive headlines should include adjectives, not only because they contribute to a statement’s clarity, but also because a some of them such as ‘easy’, ‘quick’, ‘secret’, ‘best’ or ‘simple’ are particularly appealing.

  • Numbers

Using numbers where possible makes your title more specific – as mentioned, the quintessential factor for an effective headline.

  • Short titles preferred

Avoid tiring out a potential visitor by having him look through a two-sentence heading. It is highly likely he will give up in the process. Try to condense the necessary information.

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