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How to choose a subject for your blog

September 29, 2014

How to choose a subject for your blogFew would disagree that the most difficult part about blogging is to pick up a blog topic. Since you decided to start blogging, you probably have many vague ideas on what to write roaming inside your head. How will you conclude on one of them?

First of all, consider your area of expertise. In which fields do you have an adequate amount of knowledge in order to be able to sustain a long term project, constantly updating it with new information? This does not mean you have to know everything on a specific subject in order to start posting, but being familiar with your blog topic gives you a better insight and will greatly help you in navigating through the web and picking up the most trustworthy sources based on which you will enrich your articles.

Then consider this: popular blogs usually deal with contemporary trends, socializing, pop culture and news. From a point of view this means that relative topics are ideal for you to start a successful blog; from another, it means that you will be operating are already saturated and highly competitive environment.

Next, the vast majority of blogs are informative. Take advantage of it. Stand out from the pack. Think of something innovative. Introduce a new, interactive experience between the blogger and his audience.

Last but not least, be entertaining. No one wants to surf the web and end up reading a properly structured essay ready to be published in the university journal of applied sciences. Excite your visitors; they will definitely return. Make your blog popular for its easy-to-digest and witty content. Be cool.

Oh, I almost forgot. Make sure your blog has a long lifespan.

Thousands of other blogs will be competing with you for a share of web traffic. Devote some time in determining your blog’s subject. Prevail with style.

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