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January 18, 2015

Blogging can be a lot of fun, especially if your blog is fairing on well and is attracting a lot of readers and traffic. On the contrary, if your blog post attracts very negligible readers and traffic then it becomes so old and boring to the readers and blogger alike. In this content we have detailed various aspects relating to how to become a blogger. These tips will assist one acquire skills on how to do effective and engaging blog posts.

Step 1

Start your own blog

This is normally the first step to becoming a blogger. If you do not have one of your own then feel free to start one today at or These blogging sites are best for beginners who really want to grasp the basics of blogging. From these it is very easy to learn how to become a blogger pretty fast.

Step 2

Topic selection

This is now the gist of blogging. The topic you choose on should be such that it can attract a lot of readers, thus bringing traffic to your blog. It is important to choose on topics that you are very passionate about. For those who find passion in nothing, try writing on hobbies and your daily activities in an interesting way. If you are good at creating humorous content, the better for you. Many readers love funny stories. To wrap it up, add relevant photos to your blog content. These have a special way of driving the story home for readers and keeping them glued to your blog.

Step 3

Have some seo basics

Assuming you are a beginner, having some basic knowledge on search engine optimization is very vital. You will need to know how to distribute key words and phrases in your blog post in a natural manner that appeals to search engines, thus ranking high up in the search results. How to become a blogger revolves a lot about learning how to optimize your blog content so that it attracts a lot of traffic. Still on matters seo, focus your energies on:

  • Link building
  • Keyword density
  • Have fresh content often

Step 4

Show consistency and relevance in all your postings

This can be enhanced by staying your course in terms of topic development, having unique blogs, not blogging every other day; taking short breaks before bringing in new content the promote your blog post through various social media platforms.

Apart from these steps on how to become a blogger, other factors outside these so far laid down steps also mean a lot in success as a blogger. Some of these includes dedication, commitment, passion and desire. Without these, successful progress in any industry are slim. If you are out to make a fortune blogging, have the rules straight then set your goals right.

The above mentioned are some of the vital tips and steps on how to become a blogger. Together with hard work, commitment and dedication you are on your path to success.

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