How to avoid zero traffic
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How to avoid zero traffic

November 23, 2014

How to avoid zero trafficIt is almost certain that in the first few days your blog will receive no visitors, a state that may be prolonged to the first couple of weeks should you not have promoted your blog in advance to its launch.

To attract visitors in these first days of your blog’s existence is one of the most challenging you will face. The experiencing of zero traffic is one of the most discouraging you will face.

1st Engaging material: make sure your first post address controversial issues or ‘hot’ topics that most people during that time are concerned about. The content of your posts may gradually become less contentious as time progresses but in the beginning make sure you give readers what something that will urge to revisit your blog again and again.

2nd – Keywords people, keywords: it is imperative that at the first stages of your blog you use the most searched for keywords possible.

Consult this site:

3rd – Catchy titles: employ all your creativity to invent witty headlines that will capture the potential readers’ attention and attract visitors instantly.

4th Frequently post links on various social media sites: go public on as many online platforms as you can, address as many niches as possible. Consult one of our previous posts to get more details on this one.

5thPromoting in advance: It is arguably better to inform the internet community of your new blog after it is launched, but a promotion prior to that will definitely contribute to some early (and why not lasting) visitors. Visit popular blogs of relative content and comment on their posts. Mention the fact that you are launching your own blog in short time – that of course requires you have concluded on a domain name and on the exact launching date; else whoever is eager to visit your blog will end up with a broken link. They will never attempt to visit back again.

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