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How to acquire and maintain Twitter followers

August 10, 2015

Increasing Twitter followers is not a difficult task to accomplish if right steps followed carefully. The Twitter universe is growing massively in the past few years. The website has grown from the birth of the website in March of 2006 and it continues to grow each and everyday. Currently they’re 284 active users, which means and more people are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon daily. The question is how does one increase their Twitter followers and maintain a steady Twitter fan base? The majority of Twitter users are celebrities. Having that celebrity credential is easy for them to maintain a solid fan base.

People want to know what their favorite celebrities are doing and/or what they are going to do. Fans want to be able to have that special connection with those celebrities and be up to date in the latest trends, which they are able to do thanks to Twitter. But how can everyday people like you and me and get that creditability to be followed by millions?

A Twitter user who wants to increase their Twitter followers should do the following key steps:

1) Tweet about upcoming projects or events that are interesting. If you own a business this would be a great opportunity to promote your business, especially if the business is having a special social event. If you are a student, tweet about special events at your school. People will become engaged if you promote exciting activities and you will gain more Twitter followers. Basically people will follow you if you know what is going on around you.

2) Keep people engaged in what you are tweeting about. Do not tweet anything boring or uninspiring. You want people to be interested in what you say that way people will retweet (RT) your tweet and that person’s followers will see the retweet, think the tweet is clever or funny and follow you. That being said, it is recommended to not tweet often. Do not tweet every hour or your life will become uninteresting-remember you are not a celebrity. You should be able to maintain a level of mystery to keep your followers engaged, but at the same time you should not go weeks without an updated post.

3) Use hash tags (#) and keywords to increase the views of your tweets. On the Twitter homepage, people are able to see the latest and popular hash tags. If you want to gain followers with the same interests/views as you using hash tags would be an effective way to gain followers. You should remember to use them sparingly though. Like I’m the previous step, using too many hash tags will become redundant, especially if they are the same hash tags you commonly use. A key tip would be to follow anyone who follows you. You want to increase your Twitter followers therefore the more people that can see your updates the better. This is great tip for retweeting your followers’ tweets so they will retweet yours.

Just remember, the more interesting the tweet the better your chances are at gaining a solid fan base and increasing your Twitter followers.

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