How many keywords should you target per blog
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How many keywords should you target per blog?

October 8, 2014

How many keywords should you target per blogLearn what is overstuffing and how to avoid it so that you effectively increase traffic on your blog.

How many keywords should you target per blog?

Almost always bloggers shape their articles’ content around keywords. More often than not bloggers, especially new ones, overstuff their posts with a number of keywords. But you should maybe try a different approach: keep it minimal.

The most important source of traffic to your blog are search machines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the rationale on which you should base the placement of keywords.

How can I effectively incorporate keywords in my post?

A common and rather effective way to incorporate keywords into your posts is to include them in your title. But you should always remember that the title’s main purpose is to attract visitors. Try to serve both ends.

Then, include the keywords in your text. Here comes the challenge: overstuffing your post with keywords not only makes it more difficult for you to form proper sentences and sustain the flow of speech (as you must do so with given words) but may result in readers and search engines considering them spam. That is a fact: overstuffing with keywords IS considered a form of spamming, and many search engines penalize sites that do so.

I picked at max two keywords. Have I avoided overstuffing?

So, as soon as you have picked a maximum of two keywords, try to mention them throughout your post. Optimization is achieved by placing them in the beginning and near the end of the text. Be careful though because even if you have picked the aforementioned number of keywords, you may still overstuff your post with too many keywords by constantly repeating the ones you chose!

You should bear in mind that over-promotional writing as a blogging technique is not encouraged. Of course you should try to increase the traffic your blog receives by means of right keywords, but that does not mean you have to use as many as you can!

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