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Getting started: 5 steps for beginners

October 7, 2014

Getting started: 5 steps for beginnersLearn 5 helpful tips that will guide you through the first critical days of your life as a blogger.

Getting started: 5 steps for beginners

So, after a lot of thinking, or maybe not, you have decided to start a blog. Great! But, well, you have no idea of where to start from. Here we are to help you:

1 – Ambition

There is no need to start blogging without having a purpose in mind. If the blog does not mean anything to you, you will soon give up. Think for some time why you want to start blogging, what will be the content of your blog and set clear objectives. Choose a field you are interested in and have knowledge of – this is essential for your blog’s success.

2 – Identify your target audience

Now that you have settled on your blog’s subject, you should proceed in narrowing your niche. What will be your target audience? Boys, girls or both? Teenagers or adults? Car drivers or musicians? These are just some examples. Think it through. Try to understand them – it will help you to effectively engage them.

3 – Choose an appealing name

Your blog’s name reflects its personality. Try to keep it relevant with the blog’s content and, very important this one, think of something memorable.

4 – Update regularly

Namely at least on a weekly basis. Consistently upload new posts in order to give your blog a dynamic feeling. Visitors that are satisfied with your posts will return to your blog for new stuff. If they find none, they will probably never come back. Needless to say that the more articles you post the more keywords you use the more chances you have to increase inbound traffic.

5 – Monetization

Last, you should consider your project’s viability. Promote your blog by sharing it on social media; get more visitors so as to attract advertisers; try to secure a steady flow of income. The same applies if you sell products or services through your blog.

These 5 steps for beginners all not all there is. You need one last ingredient: passion.

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