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Five AdSense alternatives you can Chose

August 29, 2015

AdSense alternative refers to other pay-per-click programs designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements, other than AdSense, on their websites.

Google`s policy is very prohibitive. Their terms and conditions can be very strict and so, many website publishers can find themselves in the situation where they can`t advertise with AdSense.

More and more website publishers are looking for an AdSense alternative, either because they were denied using Google AdSense, or simply because they don`t want to do business with Google anymore.

The good news is anybody can find an AdSense alternative. The bad news is that most of the alternatives for Google AdSense are only interested in a very large volume of customers. So, if you are a simple with his blog, this might be a little difficult for you to achieve. But, do not despair! We`ve put together for you a list with the best of them, just pick the AdSense alternative that you need.

  1. Bidvertiser
    This AdSense alternative has helped many website publishers with their blogs or websites. It comes with a free design format, so you can choose yourself the look and the text of your own ads. Bidvertiser can actually ensure the success of your blog, providing you easy access to useful tools. You can recreate toolbar with your own logo, in which case the visitors that you have can only use your customized tool. So, whenever your toolbar is used, you will be making money.
  2. Infolinks
    To get the best out of this AdSense alternative you will have to be sure that your blog or website is getting great traffic. There are four different types of ad posting: intext, inframe, infold and intag. Just like for Google AdSense, with Infolinks the approval process happens very fast. So, if you are at the beginning of your blogging career, this is the AdSense alternative for you. Even blogs with little content and few visitors get an approval in order to post the ads.
  3.  Revenuehits
    The name speaks for itself. This is one of the best AdSense alternative available for website publishers. It has a very simple registration process, navigation is easy to handle and, best if all, it is free.
    The name might be a little weird and not so easy to remember. But, hey, we`re talking about easy payment via Paypal or Direct Deposit. The minimum amount paid is just 50$. Not to mention they offer the best options when it comes to PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action). Also, very easy to register. Sign up, confirm your email address and you are ready approved to post ads.
  5. Skimlinks
    Brilliant tag line: “Unlock the cash in your content.” And it`s true. This AdSense alternative really helps monetizing different phrases in your website or blog content. Everything is completely automatic. Skilinks can take the links in your content and redirect them on other affiliate servers. All you have to do is to upload and add JavaScript code to your content and you`re ready to make some money. No wonder why this program has become very popular. Very simple and free registration process.

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