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Excellent blogging tips: how to get started

January 12, 2015

What do you need to get started?

Now that you have decide to tread this path of blogging, it is paramount that you know details on how to get started. Some of the basics that you will need include:

  • Choosing the design of your blog
  • Decide between business and personal blogs
  • Make it simple to navigate
  • Do your sample blog

These are some of the kick start tips that will help you do your first blog post.

Choosing the design

The look of your blog does wonders in inspiring you to long for more. To some bloggers, simplicity does the magic. You can have whatever you consider best for you, be it some intricate pattern or just a simple blank page look. It is all about what intrigues and sets you aflutter. Some tips on making it look wow!

  1. Choose on your favorite colors for that exquisite background
  2. A writing object such as typewriter or just a computer could also do it for your background.
  • Some simple photo of you or some natural object related to your topic is also great.

These are a few of tips on how to get you started. It’s nothing out of the blues: what is good or you can be good for all your readers. Though this philosophy could be challenged in many ways.

Decide between business and personal blogs

When you finally make up your mind to venture into blogging, our tips on how to get started will let you know that there are two avenues of blogging: personal and business blogging. Know what type appeals most to you.  If you what to make it very personal and de-indexed from browser search results then you will have to check the “keep private” check box in your blog settings. If you decide to do business blogs then you don’t have to check the “keep private” check box. The decision is yours to make.

Make your blog simple to navigate

If you want to win many readers to your blog, the secret lies with make it very simple to navigate through. Though you might be able to access a lot of plugins, you really need not use all of them. They might only make your blog very complex to navigate. By extension, order content in your post on the basis of popularity. Have the most important items at the top and the less important ones bottom of the list.

Do you first blog post

This is the culmination of how to get started with blogging. To do your first blog post, just be sure to content on what motivates you or anything that is trending. Remember to research extensively so as to make your post very informative.

It is very simple to venture into serious blogging if one complies with these tips on how to get started. They are what distinguishes amateurs from maven bloggers.

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