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Essential WordPress plugins for your blog

November 21, 2014

This is a very helpful guide for all those bloggers out there who have set up their blog via popular blog creation tool WordPress.

So, after you have installed WordPress and made the necessary configuration to keep your blog running, it is time to improve your blogging experience. Let us see a few WordPress plugins that are essential for you:

W3 Super Cache:

Highly recommended – it greatly improves browsing by minimizing page loading time. Remember, fast load time is extremely important in satisfying your visitors and securing an increasing inbound traffic rate.


Featuring an extensive set of Fairly Wordfence is fairly easy to use and a powerful tool to enhance your blog’s security. Its functions include: built-in caching, malware scanning, IP and malicious software blocking to a name a few.


A very useful backup plugin, BackupBuddy is reliable and straight forward to use, in addition to the fact that you can use it independently in order to migrate other websites to a new server without having to install WordPress.

You are generally advised to keep full backups otherwise you will not be able to restore anything.

WordPress SEO

A free search engine optimization plugin you should check out since WordPress does not support every search engine by default. Your blog’s success depends heavily on SEO optimization – do not neglect it.

Google Analyticator

A free of charge analytics plugin, Google Analyticator is an external tool – just add your Google Analytics code and gain access to lots of useful information that can dictate your future choices. A bit complicated, but definitely worth the try.

You need a Google Analytics account. You can obtain one here:


WordPress is more than just a blog creation tool: there are still many more plugins you can take advantage of, some really helpful, others rather useless. Take your time, discover endless possibilities.

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