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Common things to consider before you start a blog

January 9, 2015

That the digital age is here to stay is now a fact, known to all. In the world of business, marketing is shifting to the online platform. This is to say that the use of blogs, social media and other related platform in marketing is where all businesses are headed. In this article we are concerned with blog content and specifically, how to start a blog.

How do you start a blog?

To have a blog required not skill on coding as most newbies imagine. Unlike the early times, creating a blog today has been simplified greatly. In fact, it is more of just filling in details as will be prompted and in just 20 minutes you will be done. Here are some beneficial tips that will assist you develop an engaging blog;

  • Choose an appropriate topic
  • Have a domain for your blog
  • Decide between free or the self-hosted platform

Choosing an appropriate topic

The type of topic that you choose on determines how far you will go with blogging. Basically, this is about the life blood of blogging. Select on topics that you are most familiar with. That is the only way you can be sure to research extensively and come up with a very informative blog. If you are indifferent about the choice of the best topics, try doing content relating to your daily activities or hobbies.

Have a domain for your blog

Choosing a domain for your blog ensures that you have full command and control. If you are not able to have your own domain, subdomains are what you will be left with. With your own domain name you are sure to reach out to many clients and even control all aspects of your blog post.

Decide on the type of platform for your blog

In blogging the platforms are 2. You are either on a free platform or a self-hosted platform. The self-hosted platform is best. The free platform is complicated and yes, expensive in the long run. Which are some demerits that come with the free platform?

When you finally decide to start your blog on a free platform, be ready for the following challenges:

  1. No monetary returns from your blog posts. In the event you manage to make some few coins, the attaching fee from the free platform service provider will reduce this to very negligible amount
  2. No absolute control over your blog content
  • No them variety for your blog posts, if you need some then you must purchase.

The self-hosted platform is best for all your blogging needs. You will just part with a small amount of about $50 annually. Remember there is money back guarantee in the event of termination.

That is all you need! Nothing more than that. The other details relate to improving traffic to your blog and improving your seo rankings. To start a blog of your own you only require relevant information. Determination and commitment should come in handy for guaranteed success in blogging.

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