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Choosing a domain for your blog

January 6, 2015

The choice of a domain name is tied to the natural appeal that a particular blog will have on the target readers. The following are some of the tips that will go a long way in helping you choose on a suitable domain name for your personal or company blog.

  • The domain should be unique
  • It should be catchy
  • The domain should be easy to remember
  • the domain should be brandy

These tips will be very beneficial in helping you choose an appropriate domain for your blog.

Domain should be unique

Choosing on a unique domain is an identity for your business. If you want your clients to identify with you company’s products and services then it is imperative that you settle for very unique domains.

How do you find a unique domain for your blog?

For blogs on a self-hosted platform choice of a unique domain is very vital. Some of the tips on how to get a unique domain are as follows:

  1. Choose on one of the products and services that you offer.
  2. You can choose to use your name

There are many other ways of generating very unique domains that identifies you and your company.

Choose on a domain that is catchy

A catchy domain is one that appeals to most of your target clients. It should be on that identifies with some very popular fashion, personality, sport or just a product or service that you market. If by mistake your blog’s domain is not as catchy as you had anticipated, you will certainly notice the low appeal in the form of diminishing traffic to the particular blog.

How do you find catchy domains?

The secret to finding catchy domains lies in being trendy. Choose on fashionable names that most of your clients will be able to identify with.

The domain should be easy to remember

The concept of marketing seeks to make the target clients be able to identify with a particular product, service or company. To make your domain very memorable to your target clients, it is important to make it very short. Very long domain names are known to be very difficult to remember. Choose on very simple names that appeal.

The domain name should be brandy

When shopping for a domain for your blog the rule of thumb is to be original. It is important to ensure that originality is retained. This is to say that you should choose on very unique, memorable, catchy yet, brandy domain names. Remember using other companies’ names in your domain without its consent is an offence punishable by law.

Choosing a domain for your blog can be very frustrating, especially if one has no idea of where and how to choose one. The above tips will be very vital to amateur bloggers seeking tips on how to have appropriate domains for their personal or business blogs.

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