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September 14, 2015

BlogSpot blogs are the blogs hosted and owned by Google Inc. at a subdomain of Registration is optional and free; any user can have up to 100 blogs per account. In terms of blogging, is a pioneer of the blogosphere, promoting this form of expression since its launch in 1999. Furthermore, thanks to Google, blogging has become, in the true sense of the word, a phenomenon.

Although people are more interested these days how to migrate their Blog from Blogger to WordPress, let`s not take all the credit of these BlogSpot Blogs. I remember, when I was a child, all of my friends had a BlogSpot Blog. It was fun, easy to do it, and best of all – we could do it over and over again, literally up to 100 times.

The main reason people now like to move their blog from Blogger is because they would like to have a personal domain name. This way, the blog will look more professional, and they will become the real owners of the content, which is normal. Money is one other thing, although you can make money with BlogSpot Blogs, as Blogger is a commercial blog host.

So, let`s take a look at this Blogger service and see what all these BlogSpot Blogs have in common.

Available designs

BlogSpot Blogs have a various templates, from which you can customize your own. Google introduces in 2011 the new design template, named “Dynamic View”. With some improvements added in 2013, this template allows you to present your blog in seven different ways: classic, flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot and timeslide.





  1. Google Toolbar has a feature called “Blog This” which allows toolbar users with BlogSpot Blogs to post links directly on their blogs.
  2. There is an add-n for Microsoft Word, making possible for the bloggers to save a Microsoft Word document directly to BlogSpot Blogs.
  3. Blogger supports AdSense.
  4. Can be integrated with Google+ Comments made on Google+ can be integrated along with blogger comments.
  5. It`s easier to create ads

Blogger on mobile device


Blogging with mobile devices it`s also possible. The main focus is of course on the two major mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. Handling BlogSpot Blogs from a mobile device it gets better and better. Bloggers can post or edit blogs, share photos and links through the app. sharing current locations posts is also possible. One thing that deserves to be mentioned is that bloggers can also post blogs via traditional cell phones, by SMS or MMS.




BlogSpot Blogs have the following limitations:


a). 500 words maximum for the Blog description

b). 100 blogs per account.

c). 100 members only if your blog is private.

d). 15 GB of free storage for the number of pictures

e). no limit for the number of posts

f). 1 MB for individual pages (the main page of a blog or the archive pages)

g). 200 KB per picture

  1. h) 20 standalone pages

i). a limitation to 100 invitations per blog, by that meaning the number of those who can write to a blog

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