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Blogs vs. mass media

October 6, 2014

Take a look on the mass medias’ attitude on blogging and how this might affect your blog’s success.

Blogs vs. mass media

The blogging community consists of a variety of attitudes: businessmen, amateurs, easy-going story tellers, trend followers, information freaks, connoisseurs, everyday men and women. Do they have anything in common with professional journalists? What do bloggers think of the mass media?

Well, there is no definite answer. Some members of the blogging community regard themselves as independent journalists in direct contrast with their “subjective” counterparts that appear on TV or write in major newspapers online. Others are indeed mainstream media journalists that want to address the public through a different medium. It is evident that many institutions have taken advantage of the blogs’ popularity and are communicate with their audience through blogs. Still, there are some who disdain blogging.

What are the issues that a blogger may face?

First and foremost, critics worry that bloggers often do not respect copyright. This should alert you – it is better to be safe in the knowledge that you properly cite your sources.

Then, there are those who advocate that mainstream media are the only ones responsible and capable of providing the public with credible news. If you run a news or informative blog, pay attention, because such declarations shape the attitudes of many a man: a web searcher might discredit your post on the grounds that it is another personal, highly subjective article. You should be able to give him the impression that’s not the case.

It is interesting though that many bloggers have moved on to mass media. That illustrates a blogger is not deemed incompetent from the beginning and therefore excluded from the possibility of being employed in mainstream TV channels, newspapers or magazines once and for all. If you worth it, you will earn it – if you are interested of course.

Check http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4326908.stm – an example of how blogging steadily evolves into a respected medium in its own right.

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