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Best ways to promote your blog

November 6, 2014

Best ways to promote your blogAfter you have launched your blog what comes next is promoting it. The struggle to promote your blog should be unceasing; it should be exercised as long as the blog exists.

Here are some ways to advertise your blog:

  • Engage in social media: take advantage of the most popular social media channels (facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin). Upload links to your posts on a regular basis (posts that you have concluded will attract each service’s distinctive audience) or include your blog’s URL in your profile. Take a look here to get informed about the aggregate characteristics of each service’s subscribers.
  • Use twitter: it constitutes a category on its own since it can be utilized in far more ways than the other online social platforms. Check our previous article ‘5 ways to use Twitter in order to increase traffic’ in order to find out how to promote your blog with Twitter.
  • Target niches: there exist online platforms more focused on a specific audience which you can refer to in order to promote your blog. Reddit, Hootsuite, Sniply, Outbrain and Triberr are worth investing some time and discover their blog advertising potential.
  • Check blog aggregators: Aggregators are websites that collect the best blog content across the World Wide Web and present it to the interested. What they do is accept RSS feeds submissions and then display them. There is vast range of aggregators where you can advertise your blog, including but not limited to BlueGlass, Bloglines, Techmeme, Google News, Reddit (it is a blog aggregator, too), Blogorama, AllTop, Technorati and Liquida. Take your time and visit some. You will greatly benefit from your blog being listed in one of these.

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