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Best way to craft a successful blog post

November 18, 2014

The most important component of a blog is, undeniably, its posts. Effective posts are necessary in order to secure the short and long term success of your blog. No matter what else you do, if your posts are uninteresting, your blog is deemed to fail.

So, let us see a step-by-step guide that will help you improve each post you publish:Best way to craft a successful blog post

  • Choose a topic: well, yeah, it might seem pretty obvious, but there are still bloggers who decide to sit down and write an article just because they have to write something: WRONG. We strongly recommend you do not start typing unless you have concluded on the subject of your son-to-be post.
  • Think of an opening line: this will be the first impression your reader gets. And you want it to be a very good first impression.
  • Incorporate points: not only will it help you structure your article, it is also more visually appealing to the reader.
  • Engage the reader – compel them to reply: it is not so interesting to read an article that does not an urge you to think or even respond. After all, you do need your readers to comment on your posts.
  • Review: always review. You may find small grammatical errors, deviations from the standard subject or incomprehensible parts in the text, all of which contribute to a less effective post.
  • Title: we think that it is better to select a title after you have completed the rest of the text. Since you know exactly what you have included in the main body, it is easier to pick the most meaningful and words and then, adding keywords, craft an appealing title.
  • Publishing time/date: think of when most of your consistent visitors are online, when the particular niche you address search the internet – that way you will increase views.
  • Consider promoting the article: why not include some links to your post in social media sites or in another post’s comment section?
  • Sustain discussion: given that you have incited conversation among your readers, take part yourself and promote further dialogue. A post that genuinely concerns people for a long time is a successful post.

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