Are keywords welcome in blog titles?
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Are keywords welcome in blog titles?

October 5, 2014

Are keywords welcome in blog titles?Optimal keywords are essential in blogging. They are the means with which you can turn the spotlight on your article.

More often than not an article’s topic revolves around one or two keywords. One way to utilize them is to incorporate them on your blog post headline – be aware, though, because the main purpose of am effective title remains the same: to motivate search engine users to read YOUR article. In a few words you must fascinate the potential reader, excite his imagination to such an extent so they click on your post.

What is the problem?

Short, catchy headings are preferable over long, formalized ones, but that means that you have to carefully select each and every word you will use. Optimal keywords are usually nouns giving a one-word summary of the article’s topic, whereas effective titles call for a more action-oriented language which is achieved through the use of verbs.

The aforementioned limitations may prove challenging for some. For others, this conflict of interests may seem unresolvable. You do want to make the best effort for your post to appear in the first SERP – undeniably so. But, let us assume you accomplish that, what was all the fuss about if the user eventually does not click on your post?

What should I do?

You can try different methods. One is to take the key noun and then try to convey a sense of action and intrigue by framing it with verbs and punctuation marks. Another one is to first think of a word with which you can easily form an appealing headline and then use it as the catchword for the internet search. You may still think about dozens of other ways to deal with it.

In any case, do not panic. There is always a way to satisfy both ends.

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