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Another 2 common problems for the novice blogger

November 16, 2014

In a previous post we referred to two common problems novice bloggers face: low inbound traffic and no cAnother 2 common problems for the novice bloggeromments on the blog posts. In this article we will further discuss two other problems a newcomer in the world of blogging might have to deal with.

  1. Low repeat visitor rate

Long-term success is not just a matter of adequately high inbound traffic figures. It is also critical that you secure a high repeat visitor rate. You should be able to build a community of people who visit your blog on a consistent basis: they are the ones most likely to leave comments, click on the ad banners and share a link to your posts in other social sites.

You do not have to go to great lengths in order to succeed in keeping visitors returning to your site. At first, consider utilizing RSS or e-mail subscriptions to constantly remind them that there is a blog out there they are probably interested in. Encourage your visitors to subscribe by placing links or sign up forms in your blog, at locations where they will be easily noticed.

Secondly, start an e-mail newsletter. By providing your visitors with a summary of your blog’s new content on a regular basis you ensure they stay in touch and up to date. Promote the e-mail newsletter by the same means you would do with an RSS subscription.

  1. Uncertainty about the blog’s purpose

Always consider this aspect of blogging (even if you have been running a successful blog for some years now) but more so before launching your blog.

Take some time and think: what will the core subject of my blog be? Will I address friends and family, the average Joe, businessmen or a defined niche? How much time am I willing to devote? Am I doing it for a living or a as a self-fulfilling pastime? If you have no clear purpose or if you radically deviate from your initial one in the process, you will have a hard time retaining the interest of your visitors.

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