8 tips for a well-crafted post
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8 tips for a well-crafted post

September 30, 2014

8 tips for a well-crafted postHere we will present you with a few tips on effective writing in regard with blog posts.

STEP 1 – Understand your audience; adjust your manner of speech accordingly.

Having decided to start blogging, you have already considered who you will address. Now you must bear in mind that the language you will use in your post must be appropriate for that particular niche. For example, you should employ formal language if you address businessmen or a more casual tone if your audience is comprised of young people. You should be more descriptive if your blog is purely informative, but you can write in a stream-of-consciousness way if you express your own thoughts or opinion in your posts.

STEP 2 – Follow a simple structure: title – subtitle(s) – epilogue

This is a general format for a well-crafted article. This structure should be followed to the letter if you want to convey a sense of formality but can be more flexible if you want to sound casual.

These are general tips that apply to each and every post.

STEP 3 – Do some research. Consult reliable sources

As soon as you have concluded on the topic you are going to write about, scan the web in order to spot trustworthy sites (e.g. Wikipedia) and extract information and enrich your post. Do not forget to cite you sources.

STEP 4 – Come up with an appealing title

After all, your post’s title is the first thing searchers will come in contact with.

STEP 5 – Brainstorm keywords

Think of some keywords in relation to the topic you will write about.

STEP 6 – Be unique

Now write. Avoid copy pasting. You are the author. And you are unique. So should be your posts. That is effective writing.

STEP 7 – Write a meta description and choose keywords

Now that you have completed your article, write a short meta description and decide which keywords, from the ones you have previously considered, you will eventually use.

STEP 8 – Publish your post!

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