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7 Guest Blogging Tips For Bloggers

August 16, 2015

When you are trying to increase your blog traffic, guest blogging is a very strong part of it. This method can increase your blog visitor in related topic quite effectively. But not everyone can do this work very nicely. For that issue here I am giving you some tips on guest blogging.

  1. Read the blog:
    When you are going to convince a blogger to publish your post as a guest in his or her blog, then you must have to read their blog first. Take some time to check out their blogs recent and archived post. Try to understand their topical gap and put your guest post based on their that content gap. This might help that blogger and your targeted audience to fill the lacking of their information.
  2. Show your identity:
    When you are contacting the blogger to publish your guest post, don’t hide your credentials to them. Try to make them understand that why you are going to do the guest blogging and how you can fill their gap and achieve your targeted traffic at the same time. Also you should prove your blogs good statistics to them. You can show them the related information’s from google and other places to make them feel that by publishing your guest post they can have good backlinks when you will promote is in your blog.
  3. Be straightforward:
    Most of the bogglers (specially the successful one) are too busy. So don’t waste their and your own time to polish them with regards. Just come to the point directly. Show them your efforts, maximum chances are they will be convinced. Never decorate the information’s which they can check themselves like the statistics and other information’s. You might get caught and be refused immediately.
  4. Demonstrate your efforts:
    Be clear with others bloggers that how you will provide the guest blogging posts. If you give them the posts in word file, then they should do some extra work with it. So be confident and try do some extra work before giving them the post. Even if you are a newbie, don’t let them feel that. Also be careful with the uniqueness of the post. No good blogger will accept any copied post. Show them some samples which you have done already to prove that you can write good contents.
  5. Write before pitch:
    Once you have time, write the guest blogging post before you try to convince other blogger to publish that. Attach the file along with the first email or message you send to them. This will save time of the blogger to decide about you. Normally the busy bloggers will prefer to avoid you when they should send an email back to know your efforts. They don’t have too much time for that. So better you take one step first. Send the sample along with the proposal. So they can decide very easily and you can accept a positive answer rapidly in the next email. You should be providing your best content to them. No one will take risk if they can’t believe on you.
  6. Promote:
    Once your guest post is published, try to make it more live on the blog. Do some promotion here or there. If the host blogger find your post giving them very good traffic, then for sure they will call you again to do guest blogging on their site again. You shouldn’t miss this chance out. Promote the post as much as you can.

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