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6 tools to calculate your blog’s traffic

October 2, 2014

Fincalculate your blog’s trafficd out 6 online tools with which you can calculate your blog’s traffic and much more!

You are sitting in front of your computer, typing your next blog post or searching through the comments. You are curious to know how many visit your blog, how many value your work. You also think of adding advertisements. But, wait. In order to work out these issues, you have to know how much traffic your blog receives.

So how can you find out the number of people reading your blog?

Google Analytics

First, create an account. Then, your tracking code. Next, copy/paste it into the HTML of your blog’s template. Now you have access to a wide range of data such as traffic rate, the geographical distribution of the visits and time spent on site. Google Analytics is offers both simple reviews and more complex data.


This website will prove most useful if you want to find out details about the demographics of your audience. That way you can get an idea of who visit your blog and modify it accordingly so as to maximize its appeal or try to include more niches! A highly sophisticated tool, it also provides services concerning online advertising.


Technorati enables you to estimate inbound traffic by mans of relating your blog’s popularity with the number of others linking to it. It may not be as accurate as the two aforementioned websites; it’s still a useful tool that delivers information concerning your blog’s reputation.


Create an account in Alexa and then you can access details on your blog’s traffic rate, pageviews and more over a set period time – a very useful tool to compare and contrast.


Another Google tool, FeedBurner allows you to track all readers of your blog, whether they visit your site or read it in a feed reader by means of RSS feeds.

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