6 online marketing blogs you should consider following
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6 online marketing blogs you should consider following

November 15, 2014

6 online marketing blogs you should consider followingOnline marketing has become a crucial part of blogging. There are many different approaches to what constitutes effective digital marketing and how to achieve SEO optimization, so here we present you with a few experts in the field whose opinions are greatly valued:


A popular SEO optimization and online marketing blog that provides unique insights on how it all works. Moz is free to visit, but you will need a fair amount of money to gain access to more sophisticated proprietary software.


Occam’s Razor

This blog focuses on analytics – it will aid you in better understanding and effectively utilizing your blog’s traffic metrics. Remember that the most crucial decisions about your blog should be a product of reasonable thinking – proper use of statistical data is the basis for reasonable thinking.



Another popular blog designed to accommodate its readers’ needs for knowledge, particularly those of the novice blogger. Offering a vast range of interesting tips and discussions, you will never run out of something new to learn.



This blog favors interaction: apart from what you would except from an informational sit, Copyblogger provides seminars, webinars and e-books on online marketing strategies at a price. They also provide free material of equal worth.


Mail Chimp

Leader in the newsletter game, Mail Chimp will reach at you before you decide to visit them first. No need to spend hours browsing – just subscribe to their newsletter (located at the bottom of their page) and you will get a steady influx of advice and useful tips.


Viper Chill

This blog offers reliable and often ground-breaking guidance on successful SEO optimization. At the forefront of online marketing innovation, make sure you visit Viper Chill regularly to get one step ahead of the others.


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