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5 ways to use Twitter in order to increase traffic

November 13, 2014

5 ways to use Twitter in order to increase trafficHave you ever thought of how to use Twitter to boost inbound traffic? If not, it is high time you did.

Twitter is a valuable tool for bloggers. There are various tactics you can learn in order to take advantage of Twitter’s group dynamics.

So, given that you have a Twitter account, here is what you can do:

  • Tweet images: since most people tweet texted language, you will immediately stand out of the crowd if you use visual language. So, once you have prepared and uploaded your blog post, find an relevant, stunning image, and tweet it along with the article’s headline.

Bear in mind though that you should take good care of the headline, too. You need a catchy title, one that would ideally complement the sheer appealing force of the image.

  • Let your readers tweet: give your readers the opportunity to share your blog’s content. Provide them with a visible, easy-to-access tweet button, preferably a floating one (it remains on the screen as one scrolls down).
  • Impel your readers to tweet: tweetable quotes are a recent trend that proves useful. Just incorporate short takeaways within the article itself for readers to immediately tweet.

You may also just prompt them to tweet by including a short motivational text at the bottom of the post asking them kindly to, should they enjoyed the article, tweet it.

  • Modify your content: not all can do that, but if do not have any problem with that, do it. The Twitter community is intrigued with the latest information on whatever topic so make sure you provide them with up-to-date content.
  • Prepare some posts to promote your blog: another tactic is to now and then tweet the same article(s). These are going to be well-crafted, instantly appealing articles whose content is always relevant.

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