5 tips to improve your blog
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5 tips to improve your blog

November 12, 2014

5 tips to improve your blogLet us go through a few helpful tips that will greatly improve your blog whichever stage you are at.


Decide when you will post your articles and be consistent. It is far more convenient for the reader to know when new posts are being uploaded, let alone the fact that you will dramatically improve your time efficiency.

Furthermore, perform routine checks of your blog at least daily at certain hours.


We have mentioned it in previous posts but it is so important that we will be reminding it to you again and again. Take your time to create a worthwhile piece of writing – haste was never a blogger’s friend. Prefer posting less frequently to generating large amounts of low quality texts.


Well, at least most of the times. Concentrate on publishing and providing material for discussion. That is the role of the blogger. You are not a professional advisor available 24/7. You are a unique individual with a unique perspective, however incomplete. Spending hours double-checking your information will do you no good. Engage your reader’s by calling for their opinion.


The writing stuff may be good but the traffic you get is zero. Why? Because you have not devoted enough time to promoting your posts. In the era of information it is imperative that you address the vast online audience by utilizing the social media. You should also try to build relationships with other bloggers.


You will not begin to earn money a few hours after you have launched your blog; you have to be patient and put a lot of effort to the cause in order to be able to generate a fair amount of revenue at some point in the future. Do not be discouraged – just be patient. Build a community and then income opportunities will present themselves.

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