3 major challenges a blogger may face
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3 major challenges a blogger may face

November 10, 2014

Let us have a look on four major challenges you as a blogger will most likely face once or twice or constantly. But we will not just have a look, we will give you some helpful advice in order to overcome them.


Indeed, what is more challenging than time? Effective blogging takes some time which you will have to deduct from your other activities.

If your blog is part of your business then you probably will not have such a problem – it is part of your working time.

But if you consider blog a pastime, one that you want to enjoy at maximum (and maybe generate some additional revenue) then you have to think of how to better organize your time. In this case your full time job is and should remain more important. Daily blogging is not necessarily effective blogging, but it is recommended that you briefly check what is going at least once a day.

Then comes posting. Try to find out how much time you need to complete a post and then decide exactly when you will do that. Schedule your posting to increase efficiency. Do not haste, be consistent. Concentrate on delivering quality and not quantity.


You may not be an online socialite but you have to take advantage of the sheer power of online social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. You need to get followers, likes, shares, comments and whatever else you can. Social media are a powerful promoting tool and will provide you with a solid reading audience. What is more, you will interact with other bloggers – share and improve your experience!


There exist innumerable blogs addressing a vast range of diverse topics which you may not have imagined would be of anyone’s interest. So how can you render your blog visible in the ocean of similarly oriented blogs? Invest in yourself. Your blog will only be unique amongst all the others because you are unique. Instill your distinct personality in the words you write, the images you use, in everything. YOU ARE THE BLOG.

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