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August 2015

  • AdSense alternatives

    Five AdSense alternatives you can Chose

    AdSense alternative refers to other pay-per-click programs designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements, other than AdSense, on their websites. Google`s policy is very prohibitive. Their terms and conditions can be very…

    August 29, 2015
  • social media plugins

    Useful Social Media Plugins

    Have you ever wondered what useful social media plugins there are out there? I f so, you are at the right place. There are eight useful social media plugins out there. They are Sociable, Sharebar, Shareaholic, Jetpack, Floating Social…

    August 26, 2015
  • Blogging Tips for Beginners

    Blogging Tips for Beginners for Successful Blogging

    Day by day, the number of new comers in blogging section is increasing rapidly and there is requirement of many blogging tips for beginners all the time. Some new comers are coming with past experience and some are totally…

    August 23, 2015
  • SEO Writing

    YouTube SEO Tips for Increased number of Views

    Everyone knows that ‘YouTube’ is the second largest search engine in the world now and that’s why many peoples are very interested in YouTube SEO. This search engine is having more than 30 million visitors every day. As it…

    August 20, 2015
  • guest blogging

    7 Guest Blogging Tips For Bloggers

    When you are trying to increase your blog traffic, guest blogging is a very strong part of it. This method can increase your blog visitor in related topic quite effectively. But not everyone can do this work very nicely.…

    August 16, 2015
  • writing tools

    Must have writing tools for bloggers

    Do you ever wonder about writing tools for bloggers? If you have, you are at the right place. It is a tool that helps improve your writing. In order to have the writing tools, you would have the option…

    August 13, 2015
  • Twitter followers

    How to acquire and maintain Twitter followers

    Increasing Twitter followers is not a difficult task to accomplish if right steps followed carefully. The Twitter universe is growing massively in the past few years. The website has grown from the birth of the website in March of…

    August 10, 2015
  • blogs to follow

    Top 5 Blogs to Follow

    Whether you are a Blogger yourself or just want to know what is out there in the world, it is beneficial to have blogs to follow. As a Blogger, you want to know what is popular or what other…

    August 7, 2015
  • Online Backlink Checker tools

    Top 3 Online Backlink Checker Tool

    Are you aware of the changing trend and the use of Online Backlink Checker tools, if not then you are at the right place. Earlier backlinks used to be the best and the most important parameter used for high…

    August 4, 2015
  • Firefox Add-Ons

    Interesting Firefox Add-Ons for Bloggers

    Mozilla Firefox is an interesting web browser that allows their users to attach Firefox add-ons to the users’ navigation bar. Firefox currently has thousands of different add-ons and extensions people can choose from-varying from information about news, weather, to…

    August 1, 2015